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Anthony J. Obey - Digital Marketing Copywriter & CoachAnthony J. Obey - Digital Marketing Copywriter & Coach

Are you launching, retooling, or scaling up your business...alone?

Don't go it alone! You can do it smarter, faster, and with far less pitfalls and headaches with business growth experts by your side!

Our team has 15+ years of experience in helping startups and existing businesses launch, makeover, and scale up using high-level Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing, and Full Stack Digital Marketing strategies.

We've helped hundreds of small businesses go from concept to cashflow by bolstering key performance metrics.

These metrics include:

  • Crafting Irresistible Sales Copy, Branding, Content, & Offers
  • Building Magnetic Lead-Generating Systems that Attract Endless Targeted Prospects
  • Launching Winning Campaigns and Tooling Perpetual Sales Systems that Convert Like Clockwork

You see, the money's in the marketing! Nothing else can happen in your business until you make a sale. When you stop generating new targeted leads, your business is already in decline even if you still have current customers/patients.

Having our coaching team by your side may save you countless time, money, and energy and be the key to explosive growth in your business. We'll coach you in building multiple proven lead and customer converting systems so you have magnetic marketing systems that help your business thrive for decades to come.

Whether you own a:

  • Info-Marketing Businesses - Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Influencers, Authors, Speakers, and more
  • Local services enterprise - Plumbing, Electrical, Home Cleaning, Pest Control, and more
  • Professional Services - Financial Advisors, Loan Brokers, CPAs, Attorneys, B2B Consultants, Insurance Agency, Property Management, and more
  • Medical professionals - Dentists, Orthodontists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Dermatologists, and more
  • E-Commerce - Drop shipping, Amazon Sellers (FBA), Shopify (or any platform) Stores
  • B2B - Consulting, Manufacturing, Services, and more

We can help you just like we've helped other entrepreneurs in these and other business categories.

Choose From These Coaching Modules:

digital marketing coaching

MODULE 1: 90-Day Detailed Product Launch Campaign - Whether you're launching your business from scratch, making over your core offer, or launching a new offer in your successful business, we can help.

MODULE 2: 3-Year Business Scale Plan - Where there is no vision, people perish. Let's focus and build a 3-year growth plan together. We'll assess your goals, your strengths, your desires and map out a practical and powerful game-plan to get you to your destiny!

MODULE 3: Perfect Customer Profile - If you don't KNOW your customer, you can't attract them. Anthony Obey is one of the best in the world at helping entrepreneurs identify their perfect customer - their pains, their deep desires, and their motivations - and building insightful profiles that spark ideas for marketing campaigns and incredible offers that convert.

MODULE 4: Irresistible Offer Creation - When we know the deep pain points, desires, and motivations of your perfect customer/client/patient then we can more easily create offers they simply can't resist! Attract endless leads with more effective lead magnets and make more money with more compelling sales presentations (VSLs, Webinars, Challenges, Written Sales Pages, and more).

MODULE 5: Customer Journey Roadmap - Most businesses don't attract more leads and sales because they haven't charted a clear path for their customers to follow or they're not implementing it well. In the forest of digital technology, strategies, and tools, entrepreneurs lose their way and so do the customers you're trying to attract. Let us help you clear the fog and chart a streamlined path to perpetual leads and customers. 

MODULE 6: Website That Sells - Most websites, still, are nothing more than pretty business cards sitting at the bottom of a mile-high stack of digital pages. And when people do land on most sites, they bounce quickly because there's nothing that helps them 'stick.' We have the knowledge and expertise to help you transform your subpar website into a high-traffic, lead generating and sales converting machine. This leads to true business automation and life autonomy when you have a site that works while you sleep. 

MODULE 7: Content to Cash Flow - If you're not creating content then you're not one of the fast-growing business in the digital marketplace. Online, content is KING! It's been that way for decades and it's even more true today. Podcasters, YouTubers, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers are building BIG audiences and monetizing is a broad range of ways. We have worked behind the scenes for many of rising stars and companies that are building bigger audiences, generating more leads, and making more money than their competitors. We can help you craft a highly engaging content story arch and a system for generating leads and sales from your efforts. 

MODULE 8: Integrated Marketing Strategy - Social media, podcasting, blogging, paid ads, website, Lives, and more create massive confusion for too many entrepreneurs. The big challenge is integrating all these platforms and the work you do on them into a unified, streamlined marketing plan that actually grows the business. We can help you integrate all your efforts into a streamlined, simple workflow that relieves your headaches, eliminates confusion, and skyrockets profits.

As a VIP Coaching Client, we will help you set customized goals based on where you are and where you want to go.

Next, we will choose one of the above modules or create a more customized option that helps you reach your goals. We will coach you from concept to cashflow in a 4-Month Sprint per goal. This ensures maximum value for you and provides enough time margin to fully execute a given Module.

Finally, if you wish to continue coaching, we will choose another module or set new goals in the same area and start another 4-Month Sprint.

Together, we can make your biggest goals happen!

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We'll quickly discuss your goals, your needs, and determine if our collaboration is the best next step. 

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See Real Results from Real People...

Tim Estes - Estes FinancialTim Estes - Estes Financial

"Campaign Brought in Millions..."

"I wanted to launch a campaign to reach a specific market. I chose Anthony because I'm a student of Dan Kennedy's marketing, and the Obeys specialize in Kennedy's direct response style of marketing. 

He wrote multi-part campaign and during that time, I was seriously injured in a ski accident. I was put on bed-rest for 3 months; which meant I couldn't implement the other marketing things I wanted to. I was only able to implement what Anthony created for me.

The results were superb. It brought in millions in assets under management and added $60,000 in bottom-line profits every year since 2013!

My advise to you, hire them! It may sound expensive by you can't afford not not. You'll be glad you did."

- Tim Estes - Estes Financial

Tunita Bailey - The Money Lady - Corporate Capital, LLCTunita Bailey - The Money Lady - Corporate Capital, LLC

"We Had to Move to a Bigger Venue to Hold All the Students!"

BEFORE: We wanted to get new leads and to sell our educational product to support my lending company. The Obey's created an entire sales funnel (edited my webinar presentation, wrote my sales letter, squeeze page, email campaign and built it all for me).

I was pressed for a deadline and asked if they could build it for me, which they did, super-fast, professionally, high-quality and on time.

RESULT: I brought in over 3 times the number of students I usually get, which meant I had to move to a much bigger venue! Plus, this sales funnel grew my number of new leads by over 50% in just 3 days! Needless to say, I've got my new marketing connection taken care of with the Obey. They're great to work with and I definitely recommend the CopyCouple.

- Tunita Bailey - The Money Lady - Corporate Capital, LLC

Troy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet FinancingTroy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet Financing

"Generated Hundreds of Qualified Leads for Our Company..."

As a 20+ year veteran in the advertising and marketing industry, I have worked with a number of talented strategists and creatives. I hired Anthony as Senior Copywriter / Strategist and was immediately impressed with his copywriting skills, his research abilities, and his direct marketing strategies.

Anthony wrote dozens of targeted industry articles, effective landing pages, video scripts, and promotional copy which generated hundreds of qualified leads for our company.

He was always on point with his messaging and always met his deadlines. Most importantly, Anthony always attacked his projects with a positive, go get ‘em attitude. That is always appreciated.

Troy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet Financing

Corwin Jackson - Core Inspection GroupCorwin Jackson - Core Inspection Group

"We Achieved a 40% Boost in Sales..."

"I've worked with Anthony & Crystal Obey for 2 years, they have been phenomenal in creating email campaigns and content for my marketing material.  

We achieved a 40% boost in sales and they have been fantastic in ensuring that I maintain a presence in front of my audience. 

I'd highly recommend Anthony and Crystal for all of your copywriting and digital marketing needs."

- Corwin Jackson - Core Inspection Group

Jim Traister - Owner - HospitalityFan, LLCJim Traister - Owner - HospitalityFan, LLC

"Anthony's work has been pivotal in some of our most successful clients who have doubled and tripled their annual revenues." 

When I became president of The Digital Navigator, US, I soon learned just how valuable Anthony was to our company. He had been instrumental in crafting the sales offers for several of our premiere services and in building our digital lead generation and sales funnels that have brought in new clients for years

And he’s a wiz with our highest-level clients – drawing on his proven skills and unique strengths of masterminding to outline digital marketing launches, campaigns and irresistible offers for our diverse cadre of clients. 

His work has been pivotal in some of our most successful clients today who have doubled and tripled their annual revenues.

But what I love most is that Anthony’s a genuine human being. I’m at a place in life where I can choose who I work with. I enjoy collaborating with Anthony – he’s a family man, a professional, has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with. 

- Jim Traister - Owner - HospitalityFan, LLC

Pol Cousineau - CPA Auditor (Quebec)Pol Cousineau - CPA Auditor (Quebec)

"Clients Are in Great Hands for Strategy and Copywriting..."

Anthony and I have been collaborating to serve a range of clients, but specializing in helping coaches, course creators, and information experts launch, makeover and grow their businesses. 

My strengths of digital marketing and technology required to build successful marketing systems combined with Anthony’s digital marketing and direct response copywriting expertise in this niche created a winning team that’s resulted in quick results AND long-term sustainable success for clients who’ve been with us for years. 

I know clients are in great hands for strategy and copywriting for Facebook Ads, Landing and Sales Pages, Email Campaigns, and every step of the lead generating and sales conversion pipeline. He’s got a knack for starting from scratch and crafting messaging and sales copy that deeply resonates with target audiences in practically every niche we’ve touched – which has resulted in high- converting landing and sales pages. This means multiple 4-figure, 5-figure, and even 6-figure results for clients – consistently and on demand.

More than a great work partner, Anthony’s a friend I trust.

- Pol Cousineau (CPA Auditor (Quebec)) - Founder - The Digital Navigator

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If you would like to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals, schedule a FREE, 15-Minute Discovery Call. You'll chat with Anthony or Crystal, depending on the focus area you select. 

We'll quickly discuss your goals, your needs, and determine if our collaboration is the best next step. 

NOTE: Our schedule is often booked, so don't wait, act now. Click the button to book your 15-Min. Discovery Call today!

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