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Anthony J. Obey - "Million Dollar Copywriter" and Digital Marketing Coach

 Whether you consider yourself a good writer or horrible communicator, you know that crafting winning sales messages are critical to the success of your marketing efforts and growth of your business.

Trying to do it all yourself slows down your ability to grow quickly, and if you lack the depth of skill in crafting copy that sells, you may waste critical time, money, and energy with poor results. 

So don't risk it, with natural talent honed by a decade of in-the-trenches experience, we have the skills that pay the bills!

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A dirty little secret they don't want you to know...

Frankly, the secret weapon behind the success countless companies, non-profits, even ministries is emotional, direct response copywriting

Direct Response Copywriting Has Been Leveraged To:

  • Win U.S. presidential elections - consider how their messaging, promises, campaign slogan, advertisements have won and lost elections for decades
  • Build media empires (Oprah, CNN News, Fox News, and more) 
  • Skyrocket startups from obscurity into billion-dollar-titans and household name brands (Beachbody, Guthy Renker, and more) 
  • Launch Coaches & Thought Leaders - top Internet Marketers, Thought Leaders, Coaches and Consulting Firms,
  • Start & Scale Countless 7-8 Figure Businesses - Countless highly successful Small to Mid-sized Businesses of every type and stripe - some of which we helped
Tim Estes - Estes FinancialTim Estes - Estes Financial

"Campaign Brought in Millions..."

"I wanted to launch a campaign to reach a specific market. I chose Anthony because I'm a student of Dan Kennedy's marketing, and the Obeys specialize in Kennedy's direct response style of marketing. 

He wrote multi-part campaign and during that time, I was seriously injured in a ski accident. I was put on bed-rest for 3 months; which meant I couldn't implement the other marketing things I wanted to. I was only able to implement what Anthony created for me.

The results were superb. It brought in millions in assets under management and added $60,000 in bottom-line profits every year since 2013!

My advise to you, hire them! It may sound expensive by you can't afford not not. You'll be glad you did."

- Tim Estes - Estes Financial

Ready to grow your business with...

  • Compelling Story Branding and Proven Sales Campaigns - Tell your sensational story and build a massive audience fast, fast, fast. Launch a campaign that reaches and persuades your target audience that you are the best solution
  • Perpetual Lead Generation Machine - Generate new, targeted leads daily. Leads are the life-blood of your business. Growing companies and all organizations must continue serving their current customers while also pursuing the next 100 prospects. We help you build effective lead generation campaigns
  • High-Converting Sales System - Convert more new, ideal customers, clients, or patients than ever before time-tested sales methods and high-level direct response sales copy
  • Automatic Nurture & Ascension Funnel - Scale faster with increased sales and profits as well as repeat customers and referrals???

Full-Stack Digital Marketing Copywriting Experts:

  • Organic Social Media Content Campaigns - Written content and promotions that attract and nurture your social followers and persuade them to take action (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Paid Advertisement & Retargeting Copy Campaigns - Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • High Converting Squeeze Page / Landing Page Copy - That pulls more leads
  • Hard-Hitting Sales Copy Presentations - VSLs (video sales letters), Webinar Presentation Scripts (full scripts and slides), Stage PowerPoint Presentation5-7 Day Challenge CampaignsWritten Sales LettersLive Presentations on Social Media
  • Email Follow-up Automations & Campaigns - We write email copy that gets higher delivery rates, higher open rates, and higher click through rates. We craft high-converting email copy for one-day promotions as well as lengthy, elaborate sequences for list segments
  • Content Creation - Short and Long form blog posts and articles. These are a vital part of a full-scale marketing campaign and we're the best at using them to reinforce your core sales message
  • Press Release - Need a press release piece written that sells your story well AND gets people to take action? Look no further than the team at Life and Launches! We've written dozens of high-impact press releases, tear sheets (advertorial pieces designed as if they were 'torn' from a newspaper), and advertorials
  • Direct Mail Campaigns & Print Copy - That's right, companies diversify their advertising not just online but in direct mail and print media - like Google itself! 

Delivering Copywriting Results Since 2007 in:

Digital Sales & Nurture

  •  Multi-Step Sales Funnels
  • Video Sales Scripts
  • Short - Long Sales Letters
  • Website Pages
  • Squeeze & Opt-in Landing Pages
  • High-Ticket Webinar Scripts
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Promotional Email Campaigns
  • E-books
  • Special Reports
  • White Papers

 Digital Lead Generation

  •  Facebook Ads
  • Google Adword Ads
  • SEO Blog Articles
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Video Scripts
  • Press Releases
  • Lead Magnet Campaigns
  • Pre-sell Articles

 Direct Mail & Print

  •  Postcard
  • Short - Long Sales Letters
  • Envelope Copy
  • Order Forms
  • Hard-Newsletter Articles
  • Tear Sheets/Advertorials
  • Shock & Awe Packages
  • Special Reports
  • White Papers

Integration & Implementation Services:

Let's face it...

Digital marketing is like a 1,000 jigsaw puzzle that takes 10x the time, money, and teeth-grinding you imagined it would take you!

Countless entrepreneurs have come to us drowning in confusion by their 5...7...10 different apps, platforms, memberships, tools, and strategies supposedly 'needed' to run their campaigns.

This only begins to describe the mounting ball of confusion, frustration, and disillusionment that engulfs budding entrepreneurs in their quest for success.

That's why you may need more than a done-for-you copywriting campaign.

Some entrepreneurs need help actually 'hooking' up and 'publishing' their digital campaign. 

We have experience working in Infusionsoft, Facebook Ads Manager, Clickfunnels, Webinar Jam, Aweber, Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Word Press, Lead Pages, InstaPage, Shopify, WYSIWYG Site Builders and other digital tools and softwares.

If you need help:

  • Planning a winning campaign 
  • Crafting an irresistible messaging campaign / sales funnel 
  • AND...Installing and activating it...

...then look no further than the Life and Launches team!

About Your Coach & Copywriter

Delivering Results for 15+ Years...

In the heat of the financial market collapse of 2008, we were already experienced internet marketers. Our passion and strengths in utilizing this emerging media of marketing perfectly aligned with the market need of countless entrepreneurs who were launching and/or transitioning their businesses online in the digital media evolution.

Anthony has built digital marketing systems, lead and sales funnels, and helped makeover, launch and scale over 300 businesses across the U.S., U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

He’s worked with a broad range of companies, including e-commerce, professional services, local services, medical (weight loss, cosmetic, and other areas) dental & orthodontic services, and information businesses (coaches, consultants, influencers, authors, and speakers). 

Anthony was GOLD Certified by Dan S. Kennedy – a key pioneer in the evolution of info-marketing – for the Info-Marketing industry and has driven countless leads and sales for a variety of businesses in this category. 

Information business specialties niches include Real Estate Investments; Stock, Trading, Investment, and Financial strategies; Business Opportunities; SAAS offers; B2B services; Personal Development & Self Help techniques; Clinical services; and more).

Anthony has delivered growth and results as a full-time staff member, contract consultant with multiple digital marketing agencies, and in his own practice operated with wife and partner, Crystal. Earlier in his career, he held roles including Copywriter, Marketing Manager, and CMO before completely focusing on work in his own consulting practice.

Mentored by the Best in the Business

Anthony & Crystal at CERTIFICATION training with Legendary Marketer, Dan S. Kennedy.Anthony & Crystal at CERTIFICATION training with Legendary Marketer, Dan S. Kennedy.

A gifted writer and communicator, Anthony took direct response copywriting courses by American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), legendary marketing guru – Dan S. Kennedy (founder of GKIC), and been mentored by pioneers, including Jay Abraham, Bill Glazer, Joe Sugarman, Bob Bly, Bob Serling, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Mike Crow, Sandi Krakowski, Lisa Sasevich and Jeff Walker. 

Demand for digital marketing consulting and emotional, direct response copywriting campaigns has been high and constant for almost 15 years and counting.

Troy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet FinancingTroy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet Financing

"Generated Hundreds of Qualified Leads for Our Company..."

As a 20+ year veteran in the advertising and marketing industry, I have worked with a number of talented strategists and creatives. I hired Anthony as Senior Copywriter / Strategist and was immediately impressed with his copywriting skills, his research abilities, and his direct marketing strategies.

Anthony wrote dozens of targeted industry articles, effective landing pages, video scripts, and promotional copy which generated hundreds of qualified leads for our company.

He was always on point with his messaging and always met his deadlines. Most importantly, Anthony always attacked his projects with a positive, go get ‘em attitude. That is always appreciated.

Troy Lott - Director of Marketing - Commercial Fleet Financing

Rick Ackerman - 40 Yr. Stock Trading Guru - Rick's PicksRick Ackerman - 40 Yr. Stock Trading Guru - Rick's Picks

"solid increase in revenues that has allowed me to breathe easier about the future of my company"

As someone who has written highly successful long-form ad copy and also worked as a big-city newspaper editor, I am a wordsmith myself and therefore extremely finicky about the quality of marketing pitches that go out under my company name. 

I really lucked out finding Anthony, the first copywriter I’ve worked with in more than a decade who didn’t require my constantly looking over his shoulder and revising his work. He has not only consistently met my exacting standards, he has produced a solid increase in revenues that has allowed me to breathe easier about the future of my company.  

What I like most about working with Anthony is the diligence he has shown learning about what I do and how well I do it. While others I’ve hired to tout my service often used stock phrases and clichés, Anthony has delved into the various trading courses I offer. This has enabled him to sell them with bullet points that are precise, efficient and effective.

He does so many things so well, really, that I cannot praise him highly enough.

- Rick Ackerman - Publisher, Rick’s Picks

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