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 Skyrocket Sales Conversions, Maximize Profit Margins, and Build a Surefire Money Machine that Generates Cash While You Live Your Best Life!

Discover how smart knowledge experts are launching evergreen low-ticket course and building libraries of irresistible offers that give students 'quick-win' and generate $3,000, $10,000, $30,000 a month and far more, and how YOU can build your first money-making evergreen course in as little as 2 weeks!


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Your 5 Step Action Guide to Creating, Building, and Launching a Six-Figure Low-Ticket Course in 2 Weeks or Less!

You Get ALL This:

  1. Complete Video Course
  2. Companion WORKBOOK
  3. 2-Week Course Launch Planner
  4. $400 Hotel Savings Card**
  5. Donation to Worthy Cause***

Total Cash Value: $1,940

Easy Enrollment Offer

3 Easy Payments of:

 Just $99

Savings of $1,643 or 85% OFF. Your purchase is tax deductible!****

But hurry! This special offer expires soon and is limited to the next 100!

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Question...Are You...

1. Just getting started and want to learn how to help people and earn a high-profit, low-stress income with an automated, online cash-machine?

2. Running a successful business or practice and want to create passive income by packing micro-nuggets of your knowledge into highly-consumable, super-simple digital courses aimed at the DIYers (do-it-yourselfers)?

3. Selling high-ticket coaching, consulting, agency, or professional services and want to diversify your income streams and reach thousands more people with your expertise?

If you answered "Yes" to one of the above, then…

Discover Your Best Next Step to Creating

Automated Sleep-At-Night Income Online!

In my 17+ years of experience, I’ve written campaigns to help launch offers for hundreds of:

  • Coaches, consultants, and course creators
  • e-commerce sellers
  • Independent professionals (CPAs, lawyers, financial advisors, interior designers, loan finance brokers, etc.)
  • Agency owners
  • Social media influencers, bloggers, Youtube personalities, etc.
  • B2B manufacturers, distributors, and other entrepreneurs

And I know which offers deliver prosperity, lifestyle freedom, and peace of mind

…and which offers deliver stress, headaches, bad relationships, a boom-and-bust cycle, and the feeling of being caught in the rat race.

I discovered that…

Low-Ticket Quick-Win Offers Make Bank!

Don’t get me wrong, high-ticket offers are a must in your business.

They maximize the profit potential of your suite of offers, deliver the most value to your customers, fill an otherwise huge gap in your offer stack, and they allow you to focus on making a lot of money with fewer clients.

However, you'll struggle to convert high ticket clients if you don't have a solid low-ticket offer that delivers a 'quick-win'. Plus, for entrepreneurs who want to build a a lifestyle business and enjoy an automated income with more life autonomy, you might focus more on building a library of low-ticket, quick-win courses and workshops that don't come with the long 'tail' of super-high-ticket offers.

Think about it...for every ONE person willing to drop $20k, $50k, or $100k on your VIP coaching, consulting, a mastermind, etc., there’s probably 2,000+ people who are willing to pay you $50, $100, $400, even $2,000 (all of which are considered "low-ticket"!) to package bite-sized nuggets  of your knowledge and expertise into simple, quick-win digital courses.

And these are courses you can create in just 2 weeks or less and sell for years to come

In fact, I personally have low-ticket offers I created over 10 years ago that are still generating income today and I specialize in helping my clients build sales funnels that generate on-going, sleep-at-night income on autopilot.

Truly, you can build real wealth and enjoy more financial and lifestyle freedom with multiple low-ticket offers that let customers do-it-themselves AND you can maximize profit with high and super-high-ticket offers and close more clients than ever, anytime you want. Or...not! You might just keep growing your library of quick-win courses and focus on content marketing to drive more and more traffic to your online store - giving you both financial and lifestyle freedom.

Quick question…

How do the most beloved and wealthy A-List celebrities get paid? 

 Michael Jordan, Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift…all have produced LOW-ticket offers. 

Think about it. You can easily access the entertainment they make via Netflix, TV, live concert tickets, Spotify, etc. Yet, they make millions per project and can choose to champion worthy causes, raise their kids, or become Tibetan Monks living in some remote corner of the world...for years...all afforded by the residual streams of income flowing into their bank accounts every month.  

But you don’t need to be a legendary box-office juggernaut like Denzel Washington or a once-in-a-lifetime talent like Meryl Streep, to be successful. 

Bottomline, you too can…

Build Your Education Empire, Reach the Masses, and Achieve Financial Freedom 

Here's the secret truth they don't want YOU to know about...

Ultra-high-ticket offers destroy your time and lifestyle freedom while low-ticket, quick-win digital courses, downloads, and tools deliver transformation to the DIYers in your audience AND give you both financial and lifestyle freedom.

This model creates automatic cash-machines that sell, 24/7, while you enjoy a lifestyle autonomy. 

Imagine, money coming in around the clock from dozens or hundreds of customers each month. 

You check your sales at the end of a wonderful day and see multiple payments of $47, $97, $197, $497, $997, all sounding like Kaching…Kaching…Kaching…

 The sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet said it best, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

So many entrepreneurs offering high-ticket services and taking clients still feel stuck in the rat race of their own making; they just have more money in the bank but still don’t have the time to enjoy it.

The GOOD NEWS is, we can change all that, starting today, when you enroll today.


Higher Conversions &

More Customers

Low-ticket courses and workshops are the perfect “Entry Point Offers” that easily convert more traffic and leads to customers

New Profit Center


It’s the easiest way to create a new stream of passive, “sleep-at-night” income that sells for years to come



With money and new customers coming in rapidly, they'll want more offers and opportunities from you and you'll be in high demand

Six-Figure Potential

I’ve personally generated multiple-six-figures and lot of others course creators are making multiple-six-figures a year from quick-win, low-ticket courses and workshops

Bridge to Profit Maximization

The majority of new leads may want to purchase from you but may not be able or willing to purchase your high-priced offers without FIRST test-driving. Quick-win, low-ticket courses and workshops are the perfect bridge to converting leads to loyal customers of your highest-priced offers

Ultimate Lifestyle Offer

Customers of low-ticket, quick-win courses and workshops give you the LIFE AND LAUNCHES advantage - a high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle business


Whether you’re just getting started looking for the best online business opportunity...

...or you’ve been here for years and want to convert more leads to customers and create more passive income with your knowledge, QUICK-WIN COURSE BLUEPRINT is your best next step.


Create YOUR Quick-Win Course in Just

5 Simple Steps:


STEP 1: Create a Quick-Win Course Your Students Love

In this exciting video training we’ll cover:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Brainstorming Course Topics
  3. Solidify Your Course Topic
  4. Validate Your Course Topic
  5. Winning Outline for Your Quick-Win Course
  6. Course Launch Considerations 

With this, you will: 

  • Create raving customers
  • Build profitable customer relationships
  • Enjoy sustainable, recession-proof, long-lasting sales success


STEP 2: Craft Your Marketing Message that Maximizes Conversions

In this exciting video training we’ll cover:

  1. Solidify Your Win-Win Pricing

  2. [TEMPLATE] Write Your Messaging Campaign

  3. Design Your Course Visuals

With this, you will:

  • Attract, persuade, and convert more traffic into hot new customers on your sales page, email, and social media post copy
  • Design a course that provides an immediate transformation, result…win…that turns one-time buyers into raving customers for life


STEP 3: Build and Publish Your Automated Sales Funnel

In this exciting video training we’ll cover:

  1. Overview the critical tech and tools you need to build your digital quick-win course
  2. Review the sales funnel buildout - your online automated cash-machine

With this, you will: 

  • Publish your automatic cash machine that generates sales and new customers while you sleep
  • Pinch yourself, you're on the path to real wealth creation

NOTE: You do NOT need sophisticated tech tools to create, publish, and launch your course! You can start with just your smart phone, design and record in Google Slides or Canva, sell and host your course at minimal cost. I show you the bare-bones and the professional, polished way to get ALL of this done and making money!


STEP 4: Launch, Promote, and Profit from Your Course

In this exciting video training we’ll cover topics that include: 

  1. Outline Your Internal Launch
  2. Review More Than 10 Top Promo Methods
  3. Consider Collaborations and JVs
  4. Plan Paid Advertising If and When Your Sales Funnel is Proven to Sell

With this, you will: 

  • Craft a solid launch and promotion plan so you can reach your full sales potential
  • It's time to cash in on all your hard work 

NOTE: You can start with ZERO ad budget and ZERO digital marketing experience! In fact, your first 100 to 1000 sales can come from zero cost, grass-roots. If you're more advanced, you can start where you are and make money as you grow!


STEP 5: Millionaire Mindset and Habits

In this exciting video training we’ll help you:

  1. Set SMART Goals
  2. Millionaire Mindset
    Train to Mastery

With this, you will:

  • You will stay laser-focused on the narrow path to success
  • You will develop the right mindset to this workflow that is critical to your success
  • You will harness the habits of a successful course creator, which is vital to reaching your full potential

About Your Instructor, Anthony Obey

I’m the co-founder of LIFE AND LAUNCHES, LLC with my wife, Crystal Obey.

I’ve been a Senior Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing Consultant since 2007 - 17+ years - to hundreds of businesses across the U.S., UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ve also successfully launched and sold multiple businesses, both offline and online.

My first course launch generated $250,000, I’ve launched a 16 part ecommerce product line, with my wife, and more in my serial entrepreneurship career. So, if there’s one thing I know well, it’s how to write great copy, craft winning launch plans, and build million-dollar-marketing systems.

That’s why colleagues dubbed me the “Million-Dollar-Copywriter.”

I’m also working on a master’s degree in Systematic Theology and a doctorate degree in Expository Preaching by the end of 2024.

Crystal and I have been married for 22+ years, we have 5 children that we homeschool, and we live in Dallas, Texas…so I looove mexican food and seafood gumbo!

Enrollment Fee

Facts: Most people leave college with degrees they don’t use; while those that do go into a field related to their formal education never see the kind of ROI you get from this course. Spending $100,000 - $200,000 for a bachelor’s degree, just to graduate and land a first year salary of $40,000 - $60,000 is typical.

The retail price of this course is just $1,000, one-time, and you stand to generate $3,000 - $10,000 a month delivering quick-win workshops and selling it as a quick-win, evergreen course.

In other words, you can make 1,000% ROI on your $1,000 investment in the first year of delivering your quick-win course and live workshops!

Would you invest $1,000 to start making $3,000 a month, from home, in your spare time? 


But don’t worry, during this easy enrollment period, you won’t pay the full $1,000 enrollment fee for this course. In fact, you won’t even pay $497, $397.

I'm so confident that this offer will kick-start or accelerate your success that I want to invest into YOU!

That's why I'm purposefull keeping the price to a paltry 3 monthly installments of just $99(or $297 in total)!*

Enroll into the:


Your 5 Step Action Guide to Creating, Building, and Launching a Six-Figure Low-Ticket Course in 2 Weeks or Less!

You Get ALL This:

  1. Complete Video Course
  2. Companion WORKBOOK
  3. 2-Week Course Launch Planner
  4. $400 Hotel Savings Card*
  5. Donation to Worthy Cause**

Total Cash Value: $1,940

3 Easy Payments of:

 Just $99

Savings of $1,643 or 85% OFF. Your purchase is tax deductible!***

But hurry! This special offer expires soon and is limited to the next 100!

Yes, I Want to Enroll Right Now for Just $99!*

But Wait!

You Also Get These Irresistible… 





This is the companion workbook (PDF file) to the QUICK-WIN COURSE BLUEPRINT digital video course. 

Just print it out, put it in a 3-ring binder, and fill in the blanks as you are prompted in the video course and workbook instructions.

You will set your goals, solidify your best quick-win course topic, produce an edible, delicious course that gives your audience a quick transformation, result, and…win…and they’ll want even more of your higher priced offers like never before. 

Valued at $350, Your Complimentary Gift!


2-Week Course Launch Planner

Even better than just having the 5 course modules and 5 steps, each of the 5 steps includes a time limit to completion to keep you on pace to publishing your sales system for your quick-win course in just 2 weeks!

You can certainly go at a slower pace, if needed, but as a service to you, we want to help you actually GET THIS DONE...fast!

It's like having me right over your shoulder, setting your daily work schedule, cheering you to get this launched.

So, when you enroll into the course today, you can log in to the course library, and get started with step 1. Two weeks from today, you could be making your first sales!

Valued at $190, Your Complimentary Gift!



Use this special gift that gives you a True Cash Savings of $400 off of your very next hotel booking. Over 400,000 Top Brands and more than 1,000,000 participating Hotels and Resort Properties Worldwide. You have 12 months to use your card from the time of activation. (You will receive digital redemption instructions sent to your email once you enroll into the course.) VIEW OFFER FLYER

$400 Cash Value, Your Complimentary Gift!

View Flyer

Try Risk-FREE!



As if all that real, cash value wasn’t enough, I’m also giving you a 30-day, 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee!

If you open this course and honestly don’t believe you can use the material provided to create and launch a quick-win course and earn at least 10 times your initial investment (in a 12 month period) then you can simply send us an email stating your issue and we’ll refund you 100% of your investment.

We will cancel your access to this course and deactivate your $400 Hotel Savings Card and call it even.

However, if you have ANY additional questions or suggestions that are within the scope of the Quick-Win Course Blueprint modules, we may add additional resources to the course. We are so committed to your success that we’ll add as much as it takes to help you create and launch your Quick-Win Course cash-machine!

Hurry... Enroll NOW!!!

It’s critical that you enroll today…right now! 

This Special Pricing is ONLY good for the next 100 action takers

Plus, I only have 48 $400 HOTEL SAVINGS CARDS available at this time. When they're gone, I'm not sure what incentives I'll have available.

Lastly, your dream to reach the world calls from within.

Your passion is running hot through your veins, poised to bring solutions, healing, and transformation to your audience.

Crafting a low-ticket, quick-win course and delivering it live as a workshop is THE single best way for coaches, course creators, and consultants to reach the maximum number of people, generating significant income, and growing your education empire faster than ever before.

So don’t close this page out, put this off, and forget about it.

You have more to lose if you don’t buy now.

So buy now and step into your best self, your best life.

Enroll into the:


Your 5 Step Action Guide to Creating, Building, and Launching a Six-Figure Low-Ticket Course in 2 Weeks or Less!

You Get ALL This:

  1. Complete Video Course
  2. Companion WORKBOOK
  3. 2-Week Course Launch Planner
  4. $400 Hotel Savings Card**
  5. Donation to Worthy Cause***

Total Cash Value: $1,940

Easy Enrollment Offer

3 Easy Payments of:

 Just $99

Savings of $1,643 or 85% OFF. Your purchase is tax deductible!****

But hurry! This special offer expires soon and is limited to the next 100!

Yes, I Want to Enroll Right Now for Just $99!*

Real Entrepreneurs, Real Transformation

Will You Be Our Next BREAKTHROUGH Success Story?

Tim Estes - Estes Financial

"Campaign Brought in Millions..."

"I wanted to launch a campaign to reach a specific market. I chose Anthony because I'm a student of Dan Kennedy's marketing, and the Obeys specialize in Kennedy's direct response style of marketing. 

He wrote a multi-part campaign and during that time, I was seriously injured in a ski accident. I was put on bed-rest for 3 months; which meant I couldn't implement the other marketing things I wanted to.

I was only able to implement what Anthony created for me.

The results were superb. It brought in millions in assets under management and has added $60,000 in bottom-line profits every year since!

My advise to you, hire them! It may sound expensive but you can't afford not too. You'll be glad you did."

Tunita Bailey - Corporate Capital, LLC

"Had to Move to a Bigger Venue..."

Goal: We wanted to get new leads and to sell our educational product to support my lending company. The Obeys created an entire sales funnel (edited my webinar presentation, wrote my sales letter, squeeze page, email campaign and built it all for me).

I was pressed for a deadline and asked if they could build it for me, which they did, super-fast, professionally, high-quality and on time.

RESULT: I brought in over 3 times the number of students I usually get, which meant I had to move to a much bigger venue! Plus, this sales funnel grew my number of new leads by over 50% in just 3 days! Needless to say, I've got my new marketing connection taken care of with the Obey. They're great to work with and I definitely recommend the "CopyCouple.""

Corwin Jackson - Core Inspection Group

"Achieved a 40% Boost in Sales!"

 "I've worked with Anthony & Crystal Obey for 2 years, they have been phenomenal in creating email campaigns and content for my marketing.  

We achieved a 40% boost in sales and they have been fantastic in ensuring that I maintain a presence in front of my audience. 

I'd highly recommend Anthony and Crystal for all of your copywriting and digital marketing needs."

Jim Traister - Hospitality Fan, LLC

"Doubled and Tripled Annual Revenues"

"When I became president of The Digital Navigator, US, I soon learned just how valuable Anthony was to our company. He had been instrumental in crafting the sales offers for several of our premiere services and in building our digital lead generation and sales funnels that have brought in new clients for years

He’s a wiz with our highest-level clients – drawing on his proven skills and unique strengths of masterminding to outline digital marketing launches, campaigns and irresistible offers for our diverse cadre of clients. 

His work has been pivotal in some of our most successful clients who have doubled and tripled their annual revenues.

But what I love most is that Anthony’s a genuine human being. I’m at a place in life where I can choose who I work with. I enjoy collaborating with Anthony – he’s a family man, a professional, has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with."

Imagine, 90 Days from Today...

As you click to buy now, just pinch yourself…lightly!

Why? Because this is REAL. This is HAPPENING. You are actually about to crossover and create your quick-win course and start selling it.

Too many people get into all sorts of clever, complicated online business rackets and end up worse off than how they started.

But this…is SIMPLE. It’s straight-forward. Easily-digestible. Achievable.

People with ZERO previous internet marketing experience or business experience are doing this.

Home-moms who want to get back into the workforce discover this strategy and before they know it, they’ve replaced their husband’s income! That actually happens often.

And when experienced entrepreneurs, expertly trained coaches get a hold of this strategy… “murder she wrote!” They kill it!

You see, since it’s a short, quick-win course, you can actually get it DONE in just 2 weeks and start selling.

Plus, at low-ticket price points, beginners who are often plagued with “imposter syndrome” confidently make low-ticket offers, experience success, and create more higher-ticket offers, and are off to the races. That’s the power of momentum.

Will your success momentum start today, right here, right now?

Imagine, 90 days from now, selling 30, 50, or more courses a month, putting money in your bank account by sharing your passion and knowledge with others in need.

Now, let’s stop dreaming and lets make it reality!

Yes, I Want to Enroll for Just $99 Today!*

 **1. $400 Hotel Savings Card: When you enroll into the course, you will receive an email with your Savings Card certificate activation details. It is simple to redeem your certificate but if you have any issues, just contact us for help. Use this special gift that gives you a True Cash Savings of $400 off of your very next hotel booking. Over 400,000 Top Brands and more than 1,000,000 participating Hotels and Resort Properties Worldwide. You have 12 months to use your card from the time of activation.


Redeem your certificate to activate your account. Once activated you can login to your personal travel booking portal anytime you wish to check travel availability and book travel. Anytime you book travel you can use your travel dollars towards the booking to get your instant discount. It really is that easy!

  • Save Up To 50% On Hotel Resort Stays
  • No Blackout Dates Or Restrictions

  • 400,000 Top Brand Hotels & Resorts

  • 12 Months To Book Travel

  • Thousands Of Activities

  • Easy Online Bookings

  • Redeem Now, Travel Later

  • Hottest Destinations

  • Millions Of Happy Travelers

***2. Donation to a Worthy Cause: Your Purchase Helps 💝 People Around the World in Need! Anyone who knows our family knows we've donated money, time, and expertise to our community, through churches, ministries, and non-profits for decades. Now we're doing more than ever to be the hands and feet of Christ and help others in need!

A portion of every sale made at LIFE AND LAUNCHES is donated to Obey Cares Family Foundation; which provides worldwide emergency assistance to people in crisis.

****3. Your tax deductible purchase. We are not tax professionals, however, it's common knowledge that business educational resources, tools, equipment, and expenses are tax deductible. This course should meet the criteria but consult with your tax professional.