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 Million-Dollar-Copywriter reveals his proven evergreen launch system, how to quickly add $10,000 - $30,000+ a month in income, and how to avoid common pitfalls to digital marketing success...even if you're just getting started and in ANY niche.

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How to Perfect Your Winning Message & Launch Your Automated Selling Machine in 5 Simple Steps

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What's Holding You Back?

Hi there,

It's a crazy time, right?

The cost of everything is rising like a rocket yet wages are stagnant like swamp water. That's the bad news.

The GOOD NEWS is that there are tons of ways to create a six-figure income from scratch, marketing online.

Regardless of your race, creed, interests, personality, and current financial condition, YOU CAN reach your financial goals.

All you need is a good plan.

Where are you on your journey...

  • Are you just getting started? Perhaps, you know people are building successful businesses online but you can't seem to find the best path "IN."
  • Or, have you been here for years, making money online, but because the digital landscape has evolved so fast in such a short amount of time, you feel like you need a reset?
  • Or, do you just want to pump up the jam...double your net income in the next 3-6 months, and grow you business 10X in the next 18-24 months?

Regardless of where you are, let's talk about where you're going!

You are about to discover the ULTIMATE path forward. I believe it's your...

Master Key to Breakthrough!!!

Magnetic Marketing Message

Uncover strategies to writing unique marketing messages and powerful presentations that magnetically attract your best customers and clients

Launch Gameplan

 Chart your winning launch gameplan, attract endless targeted leads and sales, and automate your selling machine in 5 simple steps

Lifestyle Business

Avoid common pitfalls and deadly traps, skyrocket your traffic, and grow your high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle business online


 Packed with insights from the trenches, inspiration that demonstrates ‘what’s possible,’ and the motivation to kick your success into high-gear, this groundbreaking new course called, “TIME TO BREAKTHROUGH,” swoops you up, gives you a bird’s eye view of the online marketing process with deep dives at critical points.

You’ll discover how to research, plan, write, and launch ANY product, service, course, or program online and avoid the most common pitfalls to your success.

This is an essential resource for anyone serious about building a highly profitable yet low-key and stress-free business online.

Sneak Peek at 6 Days of Secrets:

This video course gives you 3+ hours of video content that will give you an overview and in-depth look at the process of building and launching an evergreen online marketing system for ANY service or product you wish to sell.

Day 1: Overview and Winning Mindset for Online Marketing Success

  • Overview of the GAMEPLAN for your online launch and automated selling machine. This activity alone will give you a clearer vision of the launch campaign building process.
  • Plus, you’ll discover the “winning mindset” to selling more enjoying effortless success.

Day 2: Secrets Behind High-Impact Presentations for Maximum Sales & Marketing Success

  • How to Set Yourself Apart, Regardless of Niche Competition
  • Market Positioning Matrix: My Powerful Tool for Creating Differentiation, Desire, and Magnetic Value
  • A Case Study: An Inside Look at High-Value Content that Sets Up Your Sales Pitch

Day 3: 12 Triggers for Irresistible Offers: How to Craft High Converting, I-Gotta-Have-It, Feel Good Offers

  • Step by step view at the 12 most proven “hot button” triggers used in the pitch stage of your presentation to squeeze out every last sale
  • One powerful question every non-sales person should ask to make selling easy and fun
  • Mindset reframing tool that helps shy, timid, sales-averse people sell more and feel great doing it

Day 4: How to Repurpose Your Presentation to Perfect Your Message and Make Millions

  • Evergreen selling machine to make money on autopilot
  • Going live online to optimize engagement and sales conversions
  • Presenting in-person to test, tweak, and become a speaking pro

Day 5: Sales System Review: Your Automated Money-Machine in Just 3 Simple Pages

  • Registration (Squeeze Page): Core page objectives, copywriting framework, and a checklist for maximizing opt-ins and leads
  • Thank You (Delivery Page): Core page objectives, copywriting framework, and checklist for maximizing sales interest, desire, and action
  • Checkout Page: Core page objectives and checklist for maximizing sales conversions

Day 6: How to Reach Your Audience and Avoid the Common Deadly Traps of Traffic

  • The critical mistake most content marketers and influencers make and how YOU can easily avoid it
  • How to decide whether to start with paid traffic or organic (content) marketing and when to 10X sales and profits
  • How to start small with ONE traffic generator and become preeminent in your niche in just 2 years
  • The List: Your most valuable business asset

*Bonus Gift:

$200 Restaurant Certificate!


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This is PERFECT for YOU if You Are:

  • Coach, consultant, and course creator, thought leader, and/or influencer
  • Agency: Website, marketing, Amazon, book publishing, recruiting, and other agency types
  • Licensed therapist, counselor, and more
  • E-commerce business selling B2B or B2C products
  • Professional service firm: financial and investment advisor, CPA, lawyer, financing, etc.
  • SaaS, IT, engineering, and other tech companies 
  • Medical practice: dentist, orthodontist, cosmetic surgery center, and more
  • Manufacturer and distributor of b2b and b2c products
  • Church, non-profit, and other 501c3 organizations
  • Basically...ANY one who works the system!

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About Your Instructor, Anthony Obey

I’m the co-founder of LIFE AND LAUNCHES, LLC with my wife, Crystal Obey.

I’ve been a Senior Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing Consultant since 2007 - 17+ years - to hundreds of businesses across the U.S., UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ve also successfully launched and sold multiple businesses, both offline and online.

My first course launch generated more than $250,000, I’ve launched a 16 part ecommerce product line, with my wife, and more in my serial entrepreneurship career. So, if there’s one thing I know well, it’s how to write great copy, craft winning launch plans, and build million-dollar-marketing systems.

That’s why colleagues named me the “Million-Dollar-Copywriter.”

I’m also working to complete my master’s degree in Systematic Theology and a doctorate degree in Expository Preaching by the summer of 2024.

Crystal and I have been married for 22+ years, we have 5 children that we homeschool, and we live in Dallas, Texas…so I looove mexican food and seafood gumbo!

Real Entrepreneurs, Real Transformation

Will You Be Our Next BREAKTHROUGH Success Story?

Tim Estes - Estes Financial

"Campaign Brought in Millions..."

"I wanted to launch a campaign to reach a specific market. I chose Anthony because I'm a student of Dan Kennedy's marketing, and the Obeys specialize in Kennedy's direct response style of marketing. 

He wrote a multi-part campaign and during that time, I was seriously injured in a ski accident. I was put on bed-rest for 3 months; which meant I couldn't implement the other marketing things I wanted to.

I was only able to implement what Anthony created for me.

The results were superb. It brought in millions in assets under management and has added $60,000 in bottom-line profits every year since!

My advise to you, hire them! It may sound expensive but you can't afford not too. You'll be glad you did."

Tunita Bailey - Corporate Capital, LLC

"Had to Move to a Bigger Venue..."

Goal: We wanted to get new leads and to sell our educational product to support my lending company. The Obeys created an entire sales funnel (edited my webinar presentation, wrote my sales letter, squeeze page, email campaign and built it all for me).

I was pressed for a deadline and asked if they could build it for me, which they did, super-fast, professionally, high-quality and on time.

RESULT: I brought in over 3 times the number of students I usually get, which meant I had to move to a much bigger venue! Plus, this sales funnel grew my number of new leads by over 50% in just 3 days! Needless to say, I've got my new marketing connection taken care of with the Obey. They're great to work with and I definitely recommend the "CopyCouple.""

Corwin Jackson - Core Inspection Group

"Achieved a 40% Boost in Sales!"

 "I've worked with Anthony & Crystal Obey for 2 years, they have been phenomenal in creating email campaigns and content for my marketing.  

We achieved a 40% boost in sales and they have been fantastic in ensuring that I maintain a presence in front of my audience. 

I'd highly recommend Anthony and Crystal for all of your copywriting and digital marketing needs."

Jim Traister - Hospitality Fan, LLC

"Doubled and Tripled Annual Revenues"

"When I became president of The Digital Navigator, US, I soon learned just how valuable Anthony was to our company. He had been instrumental in crafting the sales offers for several of our premiere services and in building our digital lead generation and sales funnels that have brought in new clients for years

He’s a wiz with our highest-level clients – drawing on his proven skills and unique strengths of masterminding to outline digital marketing launches, campaigns and irresistible offers for our diverse cadre of clients. 

His work has been pivotal in some of our most successful clients who have doubled and tripled their annual revenues.

But what I love most is that Anthony’s a genuine human being. I’m at a place in life where I can choose who I work with. I enjoy collaborating with Anthony – he’s a family man, a professional, has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with."

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