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How to Get Consistent Digital Marketing RESULTS Amid Constant Change

Core Digital Marketing: How to Get Consistent RESULTS Amid Constant Change

My favorite UFC champion taught me something that holds parallel truth in direct response copywriting, content writing, and digital marketing.

Anderson (the Spider) Silva has achieved mesmerizing, awe-inspiring wins over championship level fighters using a broader range of tools than, arguably, any other MMA fighter in history. 

Yeah, I wax poetic when describing some of the spectacular, sniper-precise moves he’s made to finish top-shelf opponents with, seemingly, little effort.

One thing I noticed about Anderson before he explodes into a strike is his EYES. 

Anderson’s eyes don’t gaze into the eyes of his opponent…

They don’t follow the frantic movements of hands and feet of his opponent, either.

Instead, his eyes focus on the constant and true of his opponent - their chest. 

Smart, isn’t it? 

After all, looking into his opponent’s eyes can get him too wrapped up in his emotions while trying to follow hands and feet darting around can make him dizzy and distracted.

The chest is the opponent's CORE.

All movements of his opponent stem from the core, so Silva always focused on keeping the CORE of his opponent as his main focus. 

Digital Marketing is Like MMA

As direct response marketing has continued to evolve from offline to more online platforms, smart marketers and entrepreneurs have been forced to adapt to the shifting media and adopt this evolving environment. 

More social media platforms, more apps, and more ‘solutions’ have succeed in delivering more clutter and more confusion. 

Afterall, you really just want more leads and sales out of the deal, right? 

Then, may I suggest you take a page out of Silva’s playbook and play to the CORE of what works amid this ever-evolving digital environment. 

But what does that look like in practical terms?

Market. Media. Message. 

In other words, the bottom-line of marketing is the same as it was decades ago, even centuries ago. It boils down to three things:

Number 1: Gaining an expert knowledge of your target audience and the various avatars within that broad audience.

Number 2: Gaining an expert knowledge of the media you can best leverage to reach your target audience.

Number 3: Building an automated system for reaching them and a crafting a winning message that deeply resonates with your audience and moves them to take the actions you need - buy, buy, buy!

That’s the CORE of direct response marketing. It always has been and, if history is a predictor of the future, it always will be.

The core. The basics. The tried and true.

That’s what I’ve focused on regarding digital marketing.

I’ve had to. I’ve worked with such a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs, doing such a broad range of marketing activities that needed my copywriting expertise that to produce results I’ve had to keep my eyes fixed on the ‘chest’, the core principles of my trade. 

Market. Media. Message. 

So, when I was looking to create a digital course that was relevant to beginners and pros of digital marketing for small business results, I aimed this course on the CORE truths that I’ve used from 2006 to today.

This resulted in a 6-Day Digital Marketing and Launch course called, “TIME TO BREAKTHROUGH.”

This new course gives you a step-by-step overview that will help you build and launch a simple yet powerful campaign.

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