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High Ticket VS Low Ticket Offers? Try THIS for Max Conversions + Profits!

high ticket vs low ticket sales offers

Are you trying to figure out whether you should sell high ticket offers or low ticket offers in your sales funnel and campaign efforts?

I don’t know about you, but we want to maximize sales conversions AND profits while also building a lifestyle business.

If so, then this Free Sales Funnel Course series is a must-read for you because I’m going to debate high ticket offers versus low ticket offers and which offer gives you the most proven path to building a high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle business.

In this first article in this series, we’re going to discuss:

  1. Benefits of high-ticket offers
  2. Problems with high-ticket offers
  3. Benefits of low-ticket offers
  4. Ending the debate of high versus low ticket
  5. Case Study: The Secret of Dan Kennedy's massive success and influence
  6. Building a magnetic sales funnel that leverages the complimentary benefits of low and high ticket offers to maximize market demand, profits, and freedom

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You see, one of the most important conversations happening online right now is whether to focus on high ticket offers or low ticket offers when launching a sales campaign.

This is a BIG point of confusion, especially for coaches, consultants, course & content creators, and agencies because offers are all over the place in terms of pricing and deliverables.

This creates a real problem because if you make the wrong choice, you can suffer super-low conversion rates or sell a ton…but still struggle to make ends meet.

As a sales conversion copywriter and digital marketing consultant who has been building campaigns and sales funnels since 2007, I have some insight that may not end the debate for them, but it will certainly benefit and transform your business if you implement what you’re about to discover! 

How We View Business

At LIFE AND LAUNCHES we filter offers, sales funnels, and business, in general, through the lens of our value propositional statement.

That is:

“We craft sales messages and marketing systems that help elevated entrepreneurs enjoy high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle businesses without losing their soul or their shirt!” 

So, we are building a business and helping our students and clients build businesses that support their deeply-held values instead of sacrificing their values on the altar of making money. 

We believe it’s possible to build a highly successful and profitable business while still maintaining a high level of life autonomy, time freedom, and energy, which can then be invested in things that are more important. You see, we homeschool our five kids and are building an online preaching and teaching ministry in addition to our work here. 

That means we have to be super-focused on delivering high-value in 15-20 hours a week, maximum, so we can ‘show up’ for our other values and passions as well.

That’s how we filter everything we teach, create, and offer to our students and clients.  With that little disclaimer, let’s dive into this topic.

High Ticket VS Low Ticket

The debate between high-ticket offers versus low-ticket offers as the best way to grow your business is a critical one, because it can have lasting impacts on your entrepreneurial success. 

There’s pros and cons associated with both. We have enjoyed offering high-ticket services. 

If you offer high-ticket coaching, consulting, or professional services - like financial planning or legal services - you’re comfortable with delivering high-ticket quotes. If you sell a high-ticket done-for-you agency or creative service, say $5,000 - $10,000 and up, you are certainly no stranger to high-ticket clients. 

High-ticket services are critical to offer to both fill the market need for done-for-you services and to maximize profit potential in your business.

High Ticket Offers Deliver...

  • Significant income per customer or client served

This means you don’t have to build a huge audience, generate a ton of leads, and take a ton of prospecting calls to generate a high-six-figure a year income.

  • Maximum marketing ROI

When you offer high-ticket services, you can pinpoint your marketing efforts to get booked up and maximize your marketing time, energy, and financial expenditures. In fact, some high-ticket service providers keep a fully booked schedule with a referral-only practice. 

For those who do digital marketing, you can laser-focus your inbound marketing campaigns to an audience segment that has a high potential for purchasing your high-ticket services. 

  • Low-Visibility for high-income

When your ticket price is multiple four or five figures and that’s pretty much profit because you have a tiny team or a few contract workers, you can live a low-key, low-visibility lifestyle and maintain more privacy while still funneling clientele your way and making a great living.

  • A great source of case studies, before & after profiles, and reviews

For example, when you remodel a kitchen or bathroom for a client in your home renovations business, for instance, you're able to deliver professional-level results that make for great before and after photos. For novice DIYers who attempt to perform that same remodeling project, they may spend months attempting to complete the project and be distraught with the results. 

These are just some of the benefits of a business that primarily offers high-ticket services. 

Problems with High-Ticket Offers

While there are certainly many benefits of high-ticket offers, we should also consider some of the common problems that come with high-ticket and ultra-high-ticket offers.

  • Lower conversion rates

If you have a business that only offers high-ticket services, your sales cycle could be 12 months or more. I worked with an investment firm some years ago. They focused on managing retirement accounts and trading options with the goal of producing .5% of the total value of their investment in cash per month. This sounded great but because they were asking people close to retirement to transfere their retirement accounts to them for management, the sales cycle was well over a year. After all, that's a big ask!

They weren't brining in new clients often enough.

So I recommended that they create a workshop once per month where they would teach a trading techinque. This monthly workshop created not only a new source of revenue but also moved more people to become clients of their portfolio management services a lot faster. This all happened because of the high level of engagement the workshops delivered.

If you lose a client, this can be a serious blow to your overall business revenues. With low conversion rates, that means you’re doing a lot of marketing and promoting but very little closing of new deals. This negatively impacts sales and revenue goals as well as morale.

  • Downward spiral of momentum

If your service offers are too high-ticket and conversion rates are low, you may experience a downward spiral in your business. When sales and revenues decline or stagnate, morale is the next thing to stagnate or decline, and that starts a downward spiral in your business momentum. 

  • Feast or famine

Solopreneurs and creatives know what it’s like to experience feast or famine. CPAs and tax professionals are slammed during tax season and then dead throughout the rest of the year. 

High-ticket professional may brings in a king’s ransom in a ridiculously short amount of time. Then they work around the clock trying to fulfill the work - neglecting their health, wellness, time with God, family, and even other processes in their business in order to meet tight client deadlines.

And when all the clients have cycled through, they feel burned out. But the worst part is they probably don’t have a ton of new business on the books because they didn’t have time to get that marketing campaign launched.

  • VIP service require premium client care  

Let’s face it, fulfilling the contractual obligations and VIP client care required, to justify high and ultra-high-ticket pricing is not for everyone. Personally, we have always loved serving these clients. In fact, it's been the clients who have paid me the most - which is five-figure and mutliple-five-figure checks for consulting and sales conversion campaign copywriting services - who've been the most pleasant to work with. 

But some uber-high-ticket offers have not worked well for some professionals. And there are certain times when we unknowingly take on troubled clients that over-step our boundaries, disrespect us, and more. You need to have the power to fire bad clients and refund their money. You’ll have the power to do this if you have diversified streams of income in your business, not just one, high-ticket offer.

One top coach reported that she refunded more than $250,000 to a mastermind group because they were too needy and invasive of her boundaries and time. All this means you need to be aware of the increased level of service required to fulfill high-ticket deals and if you're not comfortable with that premium level of service, high-ticket offers may not be for you.

Low Ticket Offers Are Great Too

We’ve established some of the undisputed benefits of high-ticket offers as well as some of the problems. High-ticket offers offer the ability to generate a lucrative income and lifestyle to founders, for sure. And the best part is, with good financial management, you can build a million dollar net worth in just a few years, with a business that generates less than $200,000 in revenue a year. 

Now I'm going to circle back to high-ticket offers in a moment, but first, let’s discuss low-ticket offers. 

You see, low-ticket offers have a tremendous amount of value that cannot be overlooked by smart entrepreneurs, especially elevated entrepreneurs looking for high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle businesses that honor their values.

In fact, I’d say that if you’re NOT offering low-ticket offers in your business, you could be leaving a fortune on the table.

Sleep-At-Night Wealth Creation

Plus, for every ONE person willing to drop $20k, $50k, or $100k on your VIP coaching, consulting, a mastermind, etc., there’s probably 2,000+ people who are willing to pay you $50, $100, $400, or even $1,000 (all of which are considered "low-ticket") to package bite-sized nuggets of your knowledge and expertise into simple, quick-win digital courses and live workshops.

Ultra-high-ticket offers can consume a great deal of your time and lifestyle freedom while low-ticket, quick-win digital courses, downloads, and tools deliver transformation to the DIYers in your audience AND give you both financial and lifestyle freedom.

This model creates automatic cash-machines that sell, 24/7, while you enjoy lifestyle autonomy. 

Help Customers Experience a ‘Quick Win’

If you offer coaching, consulting, agency, or professional services of some sort, you definitely have a system, a methodology, or process that you use to serve clients and help them achieve a goal or result.

Rightfully, you should charge appropriate high-ticket and ultra-high-ticket prices for your services when you are delivering a service that improves their life or business in a valuable way.

Still, you may be experiencing some of the problems of high-ticket offers we shared above. 

If you want to dramatically boost conversion rates and start generating far more income in your business then you should extract just one bite-sized chunk, one step, or component of what you do and package that up into a workshop and an evergreen digital course that allows a lot of people to engage your business, experience your services, and achieve a ‘quick win’ with your help at a low-ticket, no-brainer price.

In doing this, you will be serving the masses of DIYers in your audience and you’ll have the perfect ‘bridge’ offer to your high and ultra-high-ticket offers!


Benefits of Quick-Win, Low Ticket- Offers Include:

  • Higher Conversions & More Customers - Low-ticket courses and workshops are the perfect “Entry Point Offers” that easily convert more traffic and leads to customers
  • New Profit Center - It’s the easiest way to create a new stream of passive, “sleep-at-night” income that sells for years to come
  • Increased Momentum - With money and new customers coming in rapidly, they'll want more offers and opportunities from you and you'll be in high demand
  • Six-Figure Potential - We’ve personally generated multiple-six-figures and lot of others course creators are making multiple-six-figures a year from quick-win, low-ticket courses and workshops
  • Bridge to Profit Maximization - The majority of new leads may want to purchase from you but may not be able or willing to purchase your high-priced offers without FIRST test-driving it. Quick-win, low-ticket courses and workshops are the perfect 'micro commitment' they can make. When they experience the benefits and value of the quick-win, many will want to ascend to your higher and highest-end offers
  • Creating Ultimate Lifestyle Offers - Customers of low-ticket, quick-win courses and workshops give you the LIFE AND LAUNCHES advantage - a high-profit, low-stress, lifestyle business

You can start having money coming in around the clock from dozens or hundreds of customers each month. Imagine checking your sales at the end of a wonderful day and see multiple payments of $47, $97, $197, $497, $997, all sounding like Kaching…Kaching…Kaching…

The sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet said it best, 

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

So many entrepreneurs offering high-ticket services and taking clients still feel stuck in the rat race of their own making; they just have more money in the bank but still don’t have the time to enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong, high-ticket offers are a must in your business.

They maximize the profit potential of your suite of offers, deliver the most value to your customers, fill an otherwise huge gap in your offer stack, and they allow you to focus on making a lot of money with fewer clients.

And that’s why it should not be an either or scenario. It should NOT be a high ticket…or low ticket as your path to making offers. Instead of thinking in terms of high ticket or low ticket, you should think in terms of…


Dan Kennedy sold copywriting services for $100,000+ and made prospective clients send him a fax to negotiate terms. A fax for goodness sakes! 

Still, unlike most of his peers, Kennedy also wisely packaged everything he knew into a host of books, which could be bought at bookstores and trade magazines all over the world. So, this ultra-high-ticket marketing guru was also one of the most accessible in the world via super-low-ticket books. Kennedy developed such a huge cult following because of mass access entrepreneurs have to him via his books sitting on bookshelves in stores all over the country and world.

He also offers a paid monthly newsletter subscription that made his teachings accessible to the masses. This became a primary source of continuity income as well as introducing his higher-ticket offers to tens of thousands of buyers of his low-ticket offers.

The moral of the story is that low-ticket offers are the perfect way to create a buying customer, which is scientifically more profitable than a prospect who remains ‘on the fence’ forever. Once these buyers experience the value you offer through your low-ticket offers, they are far more likely to move forward with purchasing your high-ticket and ultra-high-ticket offers. 

So then...

let’s END the debate of high-ticket versus low-ticket offers...

as the best path to growth in your business. Smart marketers will use quick-win workshops and courses to generate multiple streams of low-ticket income AND drive more indoctrinated and eager clients into high and ultra-high-ticket offers. It’s not an ‘either or’, it’s a ‘low ticket plus high ticket’ equals more tickets!

Learn more about quick win workshops and courses and how to build, install, and start marketing your first one in the next 14 days. 

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