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Why Digital Marketing Success Is Critical

Digital Marketing Success, Trophy

The truth about human psychology is that we are more likely to make a change to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

Think about it...we're creatures of habit. Many will maintain habits, even bad ones, until they get that diagnosis that they have to stop...or else!


The same is true for entrepreneurs.

Let's be honest, entrepreneurship is hard work, scary, and often takes everything out before pouring back in.

Ah, but when that money-machine starts clicking, more importantly, when you find that you're really touching peoples' lives, you want more. 

Entrepreneurship success, when built the right way, delivers time freedom, financial freedom, lifestyle autonomy, a sense of purpose and meaning in work YOU OWN, and so much more. When built the wrong way you have no time, you may be deeply in debt, abandoned those who love you, known as a chronic get the picture. 

WHY You MUST Win in Business

Entrepreneurial success is NOT an option for you's a MUST!


  • Rising Costs / Massive Inflation - We're experiencing inflation coming out of this global pandemic across every sector of the economy - food, housing, health care, child care, energy, gas, transportation, need I go on?
  • Student Loan Crisis - Something like 6 million people are actually in student loan DEFAULT right now. That doesn't count the millions who are faithfully paying their student loans that feel like a mortgage.
  • Stagnant Job Wages - Just because housing costs have literally doubled (particularly in urban areas, like DFW) in just a couple of years and they aren't going back down, that doesn't mean job wages have doubled! It just means corporate America will own you while YOU may not own anything. 
  • Worsening Gig Economy - Making job options even more unstable is the gig economy that pays workers cents on the dollars for one-off gigs and NO benefits.

Will it Get Better?

Revelation 6:6 - And I heard a voice from among the four living beings say, “A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay. And don’t waste the olive oil and wine.”

This bible prophesy basically predicts that what we've seen with inflation coming out of this pandemic is NOT going to's only going to get worse!

All of the above is all the fire under your feet that you'll ever need decide winning as an entrepreneur is your ONLY real option for financial stability, let alone prosperity, and lifestyle autonomy.

​​​​​​​If you are married with four amazing kids like us, you know that there is no 'security' in a job. You've got to CREATE your own security.

You've got all the skills, talent, and experience you need to start from scratch and dramatically transform your life.


More than likely, you, like the hundreds of clients I've consulted, coached, and built digital marketing systems for, need a CLEAR ROADMAP to SUCCESS.

Your Next Steps

Today, decide that all the economic fire, pressure, and pain mentioned above is enough to push you out of your comfort zone and INTO ACTION.

Today, commit to do whatever it takes to GO PRO in your own business.

That's right. You're going from side hustler to six-, multi-six-, or seven-figure success in the next 12 to 36 months.

Write down the number you need to make monthly to be able to go full-time in your business, or, if you're full-time already, give you the financial prosperity you need to live well.

Post that number up and write down a date you will start making that amount.

That's the first step to success Great job.

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